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f890f5dd-1898-4841-b825-3168b33608e3Supinda is a very supportive and understanding doula. As a single mother, I needed all the support that I could get. Supinda provided on-going support throughout my pregnancy and during delivery. She prepared me for birth and met with me multiple times, giving me tips for dealing with contractions, pain, labor, and delivery. She is very knowledgeable and was able to recommend optional ways to move my body and support myself. My birth ended up being a c-section delivery and Supinda continued to provide continued emotional support and knowledge throughout. The entire process is so personal and I’m so happy that Supinda was with me. I don’t think that I would’ve had such a positive experience without her.

– Mama Julie and Baby Malia

C37AA05F-0999-4FB1-B01D-0B1AB90F7FDAAfter a lot of rest and reflection on my birth this past day and a half I could not even begin to express my gratitude for you. I feel like fate brought me to you so late in my pregnancy and you were a beacon of light and support my whole long and difficult labor. Victor and I have not stopped talking about how we could not have done it without you. We are both so amazed at your strength and focus and help to bring Enzo to us! We have so much love and affection for you it blows my mind we have only known you for a few short weeks. Thank you a million times for all that you did for us.
– Mama Elena, Victor and Baby Enzo


CEB7791F-3084-4B1D-A17E-5EF4F95AC94ESupinda was my doula for my birth in April. She was a very caring and detailed person who made my whole pregnancy journey as a first time mom easier. And I cannot emphasize enough how crucial her help and support has been for me and my husband during my labor and delivery. I was induced at 38 weeks and I labored for ten hours. With Supinda’s encouragement, I stayed away from pain medication and only used nitrous oxide during my delivery. The delivery was tough, but Supinda’s presence made me feel more calm during the birthing process and confident about my birth choices. Both my husband and I felt how important her presence was for my birth. I would highly recommend Supinda as a doula because she truly cares about her client and is passionate about her supporting role as a doula.
– Mama Jennifer & Baby Caleb


What an experience having Supinda be our doula. She had helped me in so many ways, from meditating, breathing, exercise… she would always check up on me and gave me a lot of positive attitude !! Very sweet, caring person. Thank you so much for your support. I recommend having Supinda be your doula. She’s the best!!!
– Mama Liza & Baby Ava




I had a very good experience with Supinda. She is good doula. She is friendly and she helped me to make good decisions for the birth plan. I felt very comfortable with her. She takes it slow and wanted me to understand everything about delivering baby and what to do during labor. She surprised me when she made my delivery room  comfortable with light and music and her smile. I didn’t feel afraid at all. We enjoyed our lunch together with my cousin too. When I heard construction noise, she helped me to breath, that helped me to keep calm and know what to do when I have contractions. When we where talking and enjoying the good weather that was very helpful for me. I love her and I liked her personality. She made sure that I understand  and she did everything to make me feel comfortable and not afraid. I want to say thank you so much Supinda.
– Mama Hafsa and Baby Thanina

EzrealThank you for your strength, attention to detail, intuitiveness, and your Doula expertise. You were connected and focused on my needs, our needs, and Ezreal’s needs. You made sure my birth plan was followed and had everyone on board. You were my sweet voice of support….thank you for the constant reminders to breath, relax, and stay connected in the experience. I’m truly grateful for your infinite  support and shared resources.  May God continue to guide you and bless you abundantly in all areas of your life as you graciously give unto others.
– Mama Nicole & Baby Ezreal



Supinda is a wonderful magical woman so loving and full of life with a calming spirit she came into our life and played a big part in bringing baby Ezreal into the world she help make this birthing transition a phenomenal one she is a phenomenal woman and is now apart of our family thanks auntie Supinda
– Baby Ezreal, Mom and Dad

We cannot begin to express our appreciation for everything you did for us!  Your presence added a calm and re-energized not just Aubree, but Brian and Beth as well!  And you do not know how reassuring it was when you answered Brian’s call at 12:30 am (or whatever time it was).  We are currently working on your recommendation in between feedings and diaper changes 🙂  Truly and from the bottoms of our collective hearts – thank you!

– Aubree, Brian, and Baby Theodore